Unique Offer: Corona Safe Recruitment With Interview Robot

To support the industry during critical times, we have created a Corona safe recruitment offer for organizations located in Sweden. A time-limited service induced by the Convid-19 crisis, where clients can lease Tengai for one day and conduct automatic robot interviews, to speed up a pressing recruitment process while also ensuring high quality. Now when the physical meeting is put on hold, we see a lot of uncertainty throughout the recruitment industry. This is making companies turn to HR-tech tools like video solutions or chatbots that aren’t proven to work. With Tengai, we provide you a validated recruitment method, that is proven to deliver accurate, objective candidate scoring to help you identify your next talent

Until April 31, companies and organizations in Sweden have the possibility to lease Tengai for one day and use the automatic robot interview to speed up crucial process and get a higher quality recruitment outcome.

How it works:

You decide on a date and book a Tengai.
You invite your candidates to your office on the chosen day.
We deliver the robot to your office (in Sweden) the day before and configure the process to fit your specific recruitment needs.
Tengai conducts structured blind interviews with the candidates.
The day after the interview, we come to collect the robot and provide you with an assessment report and data-driven candidate scoring for you to base your hiring decision on
It’s important that all need to come together to get through this crisis and we want to ensure you that Tengai is here to help and provide consistency for you and your candidates!

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